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Chain repair

Hi What method have you found to remove those gross globs of hair
prior to repair.

Ugh, the temptation to start a thread on the horrors of people-caked
jewelry rises. So does my stomach, so I’ll just pass.

Use an exacto-knife or other razor to cross cut the hair against the
wrap and pull it away. Any miniscule bits left can be torched off with
a cigarette lighter.

Jane Armstrong

Torch Them! They burn off way before the melting point of most

We soak all our gold, diamond, Sapphire jewellery in lye over night.
Gets the guck out! No burnt on dirt. karen in vancouver

I torch the ones I get if there is not a big wad of it.This reminds
me of a ring I was working on.It was a sizing and I did not check the
back of the ring before sizing.The women happened to be a hair stylist
and there was a huge ball of other peoples hair(brunette) in the
inside of the ring.I lit my torch and the huge mass of other peoples
hair.It was dizzgusting to say the least.Now I check but when umpteen
people are talking to me and I am racing through jobs piled up on my
counter I will slip as I almost did the other day when I got another
stylists ring in (blond ball of other peoples hair)I checked and
cleaned in my ultrasonic before I soldered.I wonder if they ever think
of cleaning their jewelry while they are tossing salad at home?Then
you get the proverbial customer who says proudly."I haven’t had this
ring off in 25 years."Yeah we know!Sorry to gross you out but I
couldn’t help not sharing my hair stories.Keep cookin Best J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio