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Chain question

Hi, all-- This is no big deal, but maybe I can salvage
a $15 investment… I was in (cringe) Walmart, and bought a chain
on a 50% off sale. It is an attractive byzantine-type chain, in a
variation I’ve not seen before. It was a bit garishly shiny, but I
figured it would look great oxidised. Well–did you see it
coming?–it won’t oxidise. Not even a little. I assume it is rhodium
plated. Yuck! Any ideas? Thanks!


Rhodium plated is a great first guess, but I think that all you can
really say for sure is that it’s not silver on the surface. Could be
laquered. Or it could be some alloy which has nothing to do with
silver. Is it stamped .925?

Lee Einer

Hi Noel, Indeed, I think you’ve got rhodium plating. I double
check my visual identification by putting a little liver of sulfer
solution on the metal. No blackening rhodium or nickle; either way,
a pain in the neck. Unless John Burgess knows a patina formula, you
might try common flat black paint like used on barbecue grills. Rub
it in and wipe it off. Crude, but worthy of a $15 chain?? Judy in

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