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Chain & bracelet making

Marshall said,

I have tried to make chain and bracelets in the past out of
links. I had a difficult time with it. It was very difficult to
solder the links together and I always seemed to solder two or
more links together. Can anybody offer technique hints or ideas
for link soldering jigs??<<

In addition to the hanger technique mentioned in an earlier post: >>
V___| |
(each hanger looks kind of like this)<<

I use the following technique to solder the 2nd (every other)
links to previously soldered links.

Punch a series of holes in a soft (magnesia) fire brick with a
screwdriver. The holes should be wide enough to accomodate the
width (diameter) of the link & about 1/2 a diameter deep.

Place a soldered link/s in the holes (joint down), with the
unsoldered links to the right & left of the soldered link/s.

Place the unsoldered joint as far away from soldered links as
possible & solder.

I’ve got about 10 holes across the short dimension of the brick
& have had no trouble melting previously soldered links. After a
while the holes tend to get a little sloppy from use but this
doesn’t seem to bother. Just don’t let them get so much larger
than the inserted links that they provide no sheilding action
between the flame & soldered link. When the brick is ground down
to clean it, the holes are just deepened with the screwdriver.

I’ve successfully soldered links 2mm in diameter this way. The
fact that you can solder more than one link at a torch lighting
improves productivity.

Good Luck!