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Certification Status

Hi CeCe, I have to admit, at the moment, I am just a bit peeved at
the whomever input the onto the Member Directory on the
PMC GUILD web page. According to what I see, I have, somehow, lost
the PMC CERTIFIED status and am now a “member” without designation.

In the last few weeks, someone from Columbus has arranged to hold PMC
classes, as close as 4 miles from my house. I know that the Guild
doesn’t have anything to do with that, but, since the Guild offers,
absolutely no protection to their Certified Instructors, the least
the GUILD can do is to IDENTIFY their Certified Instructors

I certified with Chris Darway, in N. Olmsted, Ohio in March of 2000.
I have TWO certificates from the Guild, One signed by Chris and one

I have attempted to hold PMC workshops THREE times, and have never
had more than two people sign up for class. I found out, in the last
few days, that this person from Columbus, Ohio has been offering
workshops AT THE nearly the SAME TIME. It seems that the
competitor’s workshops are announced shortly after MY schedule
appears in the public forums. That, being my problem, will be
something that I’ll have to deal with.

In closing, I expect this error to be corrected IMMEDIATELY!

Rita Worch - Telaak 12199 Apollo Drive N. Royalton, Ohio 44133-3302
440-237-8792 fax 440-237-1585 (or)