Ceramit Enamel - how is it Really?

Has anyone had exprerience with Ceramit low temp curing resin with
regard to durability in use? Whether it’s very important to ensure
it’s well protected from wear, etc

Brian Adam

Brian: I read about it in Stullers catalog. It comes in alot of colore
and it cures by putting the piece in an oven at 200* F to cure it. I
was ready to order the complete large bottles and catalist and found
out it had to be shipped as hazadard material and an additional
shipping cost by freight for the amount of $25.00 per order. I
canceled the order which I had made. I am going to check a plastic co
that I have been dealing for 24 years here in L.A.if they can get it
for me .

Yours :
Billy S. Bates

Hi Brian,

There have already been a lot of really informative posts about the
material Ceramit on Orchid in the past few years, now in the
archives. Many of them may be of great help to you.


If you do a search in the Orchid Archives for “Ceramit” in “All”
years, you will find about 75 posts.

The previous posts might be a good place to start.

Best Of Luck
Sharon Scalise
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Have use it in the past…no problem… curing can be done quicker
by using a ‘toaster oven’… when used over a long period of time the
hardener, which is purchased in a 1/2 pint amount solidifies…
takes about a year … would like to find a substitute for the
hardener…any suggestions??? … product can be sanded, polished,
etc… unless you are using a lot in a relatively short period of
time… would like to purchase the hardener in smaller