Ceramic fiber

allan: at http://www.seattlepotterysupply.com I found serveral
listings for ceramic fiber. I went to their kiln page and then to
refractories and insulation. I haven’t ordered from them yet,but
intend to, and to try your idea for the copper join. sounds
like it should work fine.


This looks great as it looks like you can buy this stuff and mix
your own, A-Castable Refractory (must check out the different

To mold your own new covers for the Kerr Electro Melt furnace, those
little 30 once melting furnaces that look like a coffee maker, just a
band of thin stainless steel bent into a round (I have a spot welder
which works great with stainless) and fill with this stuff and let
dry. Just use a mask folks not to breathe this stuff when working
with it.

In Canada they go for well over $100.00 each. “It’s just a small

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