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 Cerambits, " a ceramic medium available through Kingsley North,
Inc. (1-800-338-9280). 

I called Kingsley to order this material. They said they have never
heard of it. Could it be this not the correct name, and it might be
called comething else? thanks

I think they just call it CERAMIC and sell it in triangles, angle
cut cylinders and Polyhedrons. It is listed on page 5 of their
latest catalog (2004).

John Dach

"Cerambits."  Try them again! Judy Bjorkman 

thank you Judy. I have since found “cerambits” listed on page 8,
item #41-110, in raytech catalog. Another question please-raytech
shows crambits for use with coarse silicon carbide. ( I presume that
is for stone) Do you use any abrasive media for finishing silver, or
cerambits only? I am using a vibratory flow -through tumbler.
thanks, Andrew

Give the item named Ceramit a try. Spelling is more important than
many people seem to think.

I remember Ceramit kits, in multiple colors.

Then there’s Rio’s “Colores” and other resins.

Incidentally, why do Rio’s employees get to talk at length about
what Rio does, yet IJS gets subtly obscured?

Dan Woodard
Gallup and Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Judy, I had a look too, I went to their web site as I live in
Australia. The number you quoted wasn’t there. If you have time,
would you have a look at the page and tell me which one you’d
reccomend, please? This is the link;

Also, how do you ‘break it in’?

Cheers from Oz,