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Centrifugal casting machine

I am in the market for a used centrifugal casting machine…I have a
new vacuum casting system, but I still like the centrifugal for small
castings…I can be contacted at @Tom_de_Grom1


Hi Tom, I have a brand new centrifigal caster for sale. I bought it
from one of my students, it’s never been used and is in the steel
casting shell to protect you from flying metal. If you have a Rio
Grande catalog it is called “The Spring Driven Casting Machine”. It
sells for $345. and the shell is $100. I would sell them both for
$300. If you are interested and don’t have a Rio catalog, I can email
you a picture. Where are you located? You would have to pay for
shipping. I don’t need it because I already have a centrifigal and a
vacuum caster. How many casters does a person need?

I also have a brand new Neycraft kiln that retails for $550. I would
sell it for $400.

While I’m at it I also have huge ultrasonic I would also like to sell.
It’s 21" long x 13" wide and 11" high. I would like $200 for it.
Let me know if you’re interested in any of these.