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Centrifigal magnetic finishers

Thanks to all for the info on the “Rare” non-existant white
turquoise, you confirmed myh suspisions. NOW for the other
question, I believe one person responded. Any one else use a
centrifigal magnetic finisher. There is hardly any in
the brochure you receive with the machine. Perhaps Raytech doesn’t
know what to do with it either : ) ! Any comments welcome. thanks, Mary

I have been using a magnetic finisher for about six years and it has
made my production a lot easier. Castings with a texture come out
beautiful and only have to be red rouged to finish, castings with
flat shiny surfaces come out with a dimpled texture that is
removable with gray star or bobbing compound. I use needle shot only
although someone posted that ball shot works better for flat
surfaces. I use the finisher on all my castings regardless of the
surface texture of the finished product. I use distilled water which
seems to help cut down on some of the shot oxidation. Experiment
with the quantity of shot. I have found that sometimes less is more.
This also goes for the volume of water added. Last, make sure all of
the investment has been removed from the castings as investment
seems to promote oxidation of the shot. Use soap in the polishing and
shot cleaner regularly to keep the shot shiny and oxidation free. I
have found the finisher to be well worth the price in time saved at
the polishing station. I have a Raytech cmf 400 which is adequate for
a one or two person shop. I have found however that larger heavier
pieces can be tumbled with enough force to crack the plastic on the
container. Raytech wants a small fortune for a new one. I replaced
mine with a plastic bowl found at a local discount house for $0.79.
All in all I feel it was money well spent. Frank Goss