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Cement for a glass earring back

Dear Group,

What cement would you recommend for cementing an ear post finding on
to a slick glass stud earring back? The posts are coming off of
earrings that I purchased and I am thinking that I might have to
rough up the surface under the re-attached posts with a diamond
sintered drill attachment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Depending on the size of the area on the post. If it is fairly large
Goop works very good. It is used or something similar in the costume
jewelry industry in place of solder.


E6000 Industrial strength adhesive is very reliable. Rough the glass
and the earring post finding. You can use coarse sandpaper or a
Mizzy wheel on you flexshaft. Then follow the directions which come
with the E6000. After attaching the two pieces let them cure for
24-72 hours before moving them Alma