Celtic Designs

Hi Everyone. A couple of weeks ago, someone wrote that he likes
Celtic designs and that he has been using them a lot. He also gave
the link to a book at Amazon. Sorry about this - I have been looking
for this e-mail, but I cannot find it anymore. Does anyone knows
about who I am talking - maybe the author himself, I would love to
discuss Celtic designs? Thank you, Will

I must have missed that one – can’t find anything in my email
folders. I’m sort of interested in Celtic designs, or at least the
knot-like ones, myself.

When I did a search at Amazon for books with Celtic design, there
were only 56 of them, so maybe you could skim the list and recognize


I would love to discuss Celtic designs? Thank you, Will 

Hi Will, Not sure exactly what book it was but here are some to check
out (I love Celtic also, it’s very meditative to do)

Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction (Dover Art Instruction)” by George Bain ISBN

Celtic Designs from the British Museum” by Ian Stead & Karen Hughes
ISBN N-1-57098-229-5

How To Draw Celtic Knotwork” by Andy Sloss ISBN 0-7137-2492-7

Celtic Borders & Decoration” by Courtney Davis ISBN 0-7137-2330-0

Have fun! Marta


Hi Martha and Will. Here is a link to a site that has Celtic Knot
Fonts, allowing easy transition of text into beautiful knots. Just
click on http://clanbadge.com/knots.htm for more details. Hank

Dear Marta, I do quite a lot of Celtic wedding bands. I hope this
summer to put them up on my web site. At the present time the are
available only through a wholesale distributor. One of the best
places I have found for these designs is Dover Books. I’m pretty sure
the web site is www.doverbooks.com or something like that. They also
have CD Roms of Celtic designs is you use a computer. Prices are VERY
reasonable. Do a search on Yahoo and you’ll find them. Amazon is
another good source.

Best Regards, Todd Hawkinson www.trhawkinson.com www.ajt-online.com
the Teacher www.mctc,mnscu.edu/jewelry Sometimes this site works
sometimes it don’t. I’ve got to check with the IT people. Todd

Hi Will, You should check out http://clanbadge.com/knots.htm . They
have software that turns your keyboard into a celtic know design
tool. It is very cool!

Best regards,