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Cell phone coverage at Tucson

Tried Verizon last year and couldn’t get incoming calls. Thinking
of trying sprint pcs this year anyone have any experience with



I use my AT&T cellular service in Tucson with no problems at all.
You might give them a try.

Boulder, CO

Richard, I’ve been using Sprint for about 2 1/2 years. It worked well
enough in Tucson. Ironically, it always seems to work better for me
when I am anywhere other than in my own city (Los Angeles). However -
I got no service in Quartzite, if that’s a consideration.

Margery Epstein

I had experience with SPRINT and ALL of it was BAD. THey have
serious attutide if you call with a problem. After going through 4
different cell phone providers I am HAPPY with Voice stream. There
service department is Great and I have had nothing but courtious
people and help with any problems. (disclaimer goes here) Frank Goss

Ive been with sprint for about 2.5 years myself, and have not had
any of these problems. You can dial *4 and ask them anything you can
imagine and they do there best to help. (directions to find
something, phone numbers, weather, road conditions etc.) This is of
course from my experience. I have no idea as far as Tucson is
concerned. But Sprint has been my only business phone for all 2.5
years, and I haven’t had a bad experience yet with there service,
billing, coverage, or anything. I get free nation wide long
distance, and free roaming. Anywhere I go, is just like calling
from home. And customers can call and not even know I’m out of town.
Therefore not missing a beat. All in all, I suppose where you live
and who your “service reps” are, make all the difference in the
world. As for me, just stay as far as possible from “QWEST” if they
operate in your area at all… Talk about trash for service…

Joel Retzlaff