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Cell phone as modem

I have been swiping credit cards manually at shows and then punching
them in to transmit when I get home. I am told that there is a way
to use the cell phone as a modem together with a credit card
terminal at the shows. Can anyone tell me what phone and what
terminal will work to do this? I am already committed to First Data
Corp as a processor (ugh) and I have a Tranz 380 terminal.

J.S. Ellington

I don’t use my cell as a modem, but do swipe manually, then CALL the
info in on the cell phone. Secure transactions (I worried about this
at first, but it is all clicks, you don’t tell them the numbers
anymore) and I have my verification number before the customer leaves
the booth. Takes a bit longer - but ultimately is worth it to me to
KNOW the transaction has been approved. If you were at a very busy
show it would be helpful to have an assistant to call in the details
and let you keep dealing with live people!

Ask your current credit card processor if they do this also. I’ll
bet they do.

Beth in SC

My old system for credit card processing used a cell phone but it
was analog. Few places have good analog service anymore and it
costs lots now if you can get it at all.

My setup was this:

Trans330 connected to a “computer interface” connected to cell
phone. The interface came from motorola and makes the Trans330
think it has a dial tone. You also have to deal with the power
issues - the Trans330 runs off an adapter that makes an unusual
voltage dc current so you need a battery pack, a dc to ac converter,
then the Trans330 adapter. The cell phone has to match the computer
interface, and the cables to do so are not the easiest to find. If
you want to do this, I have some old equipment that I am more than
willing to part with.20

What I do now is to use a Nurit3010. It has all the stuff, swiper
and packetized secure digital cellular, in one box and runs off an
internal rechargable battery and doesn’t require the brain damage
described above. I use First Data as well and it works just fine.

There are less expensive credit card systems that swipe the card,
remember it and download the info to the processor over conventional
phone lines. I chose the Nurit 3010 because I want to know that the
credit card is valid before the client leaves with my stuff.

Good luck, this problem can make your head hurt.

Judy Hoch, GG

Hello, I have been tackling this issue for 2 weeks and my head does
hurt. So I was wondering if anyone is selling used Nurit 3010. I
need two of them. Thank you! Andrea

I would like to Add to Andrea’s request. I am also looking for a
Nurit 3010. Could it be possible that there might be someone out
there with three to sell (two for Andrea of course and one for