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Celia Bauer Studios

hello all - I just wanted to share some info about some fabulous
classes I take and would recommend to anyone interested in classicial
jewelry/granulation/silver smithing or gloldmithing.

I take classes aat a studio in NY, Celia Bauer Studios - focus is on
classical techniques - chains, granulation, etc. honestly, this has
changed my life ! not kidding - I have never undertaken anything so
joyous. anyway thought I’d share the info about these classes.
even if you don’t live in NY you can take a week-long ‘intensive’ -
lots of folks come from out of town & do this -

I suggest you call the studio, (212) 643-8913 for if
you’re interested!

I’ve been studying with Cecelia for several years and heartily
support the really warranted praise. The work is individualized,
the atmosphere calm relaxed and pleasant, and it is amazing how
quickly learning takes place! Sandra

I must also chime in here as a student of Cecelia’s since 1995. I
fully agree with Tereze and Sandra. C. Bauer Studio is a wonderful
school, where the students thoroughly enjoy learning all about
classical jewelry making techniques. The enthusiasm of the students
is quite contagious, and consequently, they tend to enjoy each
other’s company during class. Although everyone works separately on
their own projects, there is a constant sharing of as
well as friendly conversation. The teaching is done (by Cecelia
only) on an individual basis, so each student is able to work at
his/her own pace and pursue his/her own interests, rather than being
told to do pre-planned projects without variation.

I would recommend this school without hesitation to anyone
interested in learning this type of jewelry fabrication. If you
are in the New York City area, great, but if not, you can come to
NYC for a week to attend a summer intensive class (class from Mon. -
Fri. 10am - 5pm, with benchtime from 5pm-8pm). Even though I live
in NYC, I have taken a couple of the intensives, and it is such a
pleasure to be able to focus on the work for such a condensed period
of time. I really felt that I learned a great deal, and I
thoroughly enjoyed it.

Neda Nassiri Morvillo