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Cavallin rolling mill grease/oil questions

Hello, this is my first post to the forum I’ve been lurking on the
website for a while. I have come into possession of an older
Cavallin hand rolling mill from the estate of a jeweler. I’ve used it
but a handful of times and have been trying to figure out a gritty
feeling it has. So today I managed to open it after having a mechanic
help loosen the nuts and bolts on the outside of the handle. The
external gears were coated in a thick heavy grease the gears in the
gearbox however have only a very fine oil coating that rubs off gray.
I am having a machine shop clean these parts but I am wondering what
is the best way to clean the inside of the gearbox and what is the
best grease for the outside gears and the best oil/ grease for the
gearbox. I am assuming that it would be a great in the gearbox as it
does not have rubber seals or the place for said seals. Just a small
ball bearing like fitting for filling. Thank you for any help you
can give me.

Zack Nelson

I would suggest you talk to your machinist for advise on the proper
lubrication and maintenance of the gears.

think of it this way, you would trust your mechanic for advice on
your car rather than the man next door, even if he has a lot of
experience driving one.

Zack Nelson

Getting any older? piece of machinery restored, wether its in our
trade or engineering in general, involves pretty much the same number
of steps from start to finish.

So in your case, a rolling mill,

  1. needs to be dismantled

  2. Each part then needs to be cleaned up, washed off with the
    equivalent of kerosene or white spirit, a more volatile HYcarbon.

  3. then you will see what is causing it to not run smoothly. You may
    need to find someone who uses one regularly near you to check it

  4. Then rolls need to be checked for truth, ie no deep rust spots or
    other surface iregulateries,

  5. carefully reassembled and lubicated as follows.

  6. the roll bearings are best oiled with any 40 weight car engine

  7. the gears are best greased with any lithium grease gun grease, as
    you wont be able to get to them when the covers are on.

  8. Then give it a try. Then see if the grittyness? is still there.
    Depends on its history.

It also depends on wether its a pro mill or just a hobby small set.

What size are they? roll width and dia? any serial no ? to try and
date its year of mfg?

Have fun!

Hi Zack,

This might help you

Cheers, Hans 

Hans, your description is excellent. I am totally,
one-hundred-percent impressed. This is exactly the kind of training
I’ve been looking for regarding maintaining studio equipment.

Best regards,