Cataract surgeries!

I was literally blind in my left eye. When my surgeon saw that I’m a Diamond Setter, not only did he do my right first, he did my left eye, 3 weeks later!!!
By the way, all of these two surgeries were done “Free of Charge” with the thanks due to our Canadian Medical plan. I was so blind, he would have prevented me from even driving back home.
This would have prevented me from forever driving a Canadian Motor-Vehicle. I would have to get a taxi home, this is how bad things were.
After both eyes were done I don’t need to use any microscope to set any diamonds. I use only an Opti-Visor with a #5 lens. I created this man’s pendant with 265 diamonds, 3 weeks ago.


I’m glad things turned out so well for you Gerry. I’m approaching 76 and have just the beginnings of cataracts, so the subject is somewhat on my mind nowadays. Love the pendant!

After my mother had cataract surgery done some decades ago, her eyesight was superior to that of any of her kids, me included.

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I am in a similar situation with double vision. I have had one eye done and waiting for the other. Then I will be into cataracts. I also feel lucky because we have a fantastic Eye Institute in Ottawa and the surgeries are covered by our health care, as you say. I have met so many Americans in really poor health because they don’t have health coverage - mostly self-employed. Our system isn’t perfect, but I am grateful we have that safety net.

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I too had Cataract surgeries on both eyes. They used a “PanOptix Trifocal” lens. I have superb vision at all distances - no glasses for reading. Unlike our neighbors to the North; my out of pocket was about $7k.

However, most people wait far too long before getting the surgery. I had some vision issues which the ophthalmologist corrected with Lasik at the same time as the cataract surgery. I was barely 60 when I had the surgery and I look forward to many years with great eyesight.


I’m wondering how long ago you had this done?

As for my “corrective eye surgeries” mine was done 3 years ago. Many diamond setters use a $2,000.00 microscope, as for me I don’t need one.
When a client asked me do I use these, I answer “I can ‘Bead Set’ 1/2 point diamonds!” He couldn’t
believe me, until he saw my silver ring resume’. These surgeries are well worth the labours.
Up here in Canada, we don’t have those expenses… whew!

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Jan of this year.

Bravo, Gerry! You are such a generous soul. Very happy to hear about this good result that allows you to keep being yourself.

Stunning work on the pendant and hurray for our socialized Health Care System, we are forever in your debt Tommy Douglas. I’m so happy to hear that your vision has been restored to enable you to continue doing such intricate tasks Gerry.

I started getting double vision a few years ago and I had the optometrist tell me because I make jewelry, and I’ve done close focus work most of my life, it trained my eyes to be cross-eyed! I have prisons in my glasses now which works great for distance and I only use readers when I work on jewelry still. And I’m a candidate for cataract surgery in the future myself

I agree as someone in my 60’s… cataract surgery was painless and wonderful…however it is not free… if you pay taxes in Canada… which is not a problem for me or any other Canadians I know. Happy to hear your operation was successful.

Greg Miller,

I’m very happy to pay my 13% taxes on everything. I’ve had 2 surgeries on my eyes done. My wife had 2 Spinal Fusions. Then I’ve had 3 Spinal Fusions, then 3 surgeries on my foot. You can figure out the costs of those 10 operations… (Greg Miller in Vancouver, prompted me to write this reply)
Gerry Lewy, in Toronto. Ontario.