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Casting with Stones [YAK}

Well, since I was the person who started this thread… I thought I
would present the situation that prompted the question. Only
because SO many people have given ideas and thoughts and
references…has been quite amazing! :slight_smile: Before I go on… Thanks to
all who have responded…it has given me and my student Much to
think on. To begin {ahem}… My student…a senior in high school
who wanted to cast graduation rings for her friends, read with me
the posts on steam casting and all the offlist email that came with
it… so she made wax models…Very nice ones…thin and perfect.
Well, then she read in my copy of “The Complete Metalsmith” that
stones could be cast in the wax… her rings were of swans and such
and she wanted eyes of stone for them…about 1mm or less. Setting
something that small was way out of our experience, so her thought
was that cast stones was the perfect solution, I confess, I think
so too… So that prompted my question that led to a wonderful
thread of conversation…she asked me to thank you all and I include
mine as well. Salut! Terry