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Casting with Delft

Does anyone out there have any experience with the “Delft"
casting setup? Specifically, how fine of detail can one expect?
I need to be able to cast items about 1/2” tall with some
lettering (from Mg photoetched plates), at the bench. ???


Allan: I have been using the Delft clay casting system for about
a year now and I’m very pleased. I still do most of my casting
with my vacuum caster of course, but for many items such as flat
earrings,pendants,simple bands, braclet links, so many things. It
is great and fast.A lady brings in a earring that she lost one of
and you cast her another in an hour to match perfectly.I have
used it to cast some waxes that I’ve carved. If you say turn(or
carve) a band in GREEN wax,it is hard enough to take the
hammering of the clay around it and it will cast just fine.Delft
casting is gravity casting so you must cut vents from the mold to
alow air to escape.All the info. you need is on the video tape
that comes with the system.And as for the detail,It is great as
long as you pack the clay firmly.Example: the watchmaker at our
store had a silver coin from a shipwreck and wanted a duplicate
made in 18K for a pendant.I clay casted it and once I removed the
sprue and textured that area you could not tell the
differance,Except for the color of course.The size is even closer
than if you made a rubber mold and shot waxes. Hope this
convinces you of the worth.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Hope this convinces you of the worth.

I was convinced of the worth of the Delft system when I saw it
demonstrated several times at Rio’s tool showcase in Tucson. The
only problem is that, even though I have ordered it repeatedly
over the months, it is always "out of stock and backordered."
Anyone know of another source?


Hi Allen, yes I’ve been using the delft clay for a while, It is
very good at picking up quite fine detail ( for example I
produced a model from super sculpey modelling compound which was
pressed into the delft clay and then cast, and my thumb print
which was on the model appears on the casting) BUT some things
like indented writing on an original may not come out because
the tiny amount of delft clay which would fit inside when you
press it in usually comes away with the model when you remove it.
So it’s more a question of how deep the detail is in proportion
to its width. Good luck Philip

I got mine from SWEST 1-800-527-5057

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Phillip wrote:

  "indented writing on an original may not come out because the
tiny amount of delft clay which would fit inside when you press
it in usually comes away with the model when you remove it".

Are you powdering the clay/model surface with talcum powder
before putting the other ring on and tamping in the second layer
of clay.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Hi Michael, yes I have been dusting with talc and I found that
raised lettering like you would find on a coin came out fine but
deeply indented usually broke off because to remove the model
from the compacted clay of course involves lifting it at a slight
angle. Maybe I’m just too clumsy but I tend to break off the clay
leaving it stuck in the model. That having been said I still
think that for 90% -99% of my casting jobs its a lot quicker
than lost wax and just as accurate. Perhaps its a case of, horses
for courses.


RE Deft casting system

If memory serves correctly Swest also has this system, and
replacement clay.