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Casting/wax wash

Hi, In reply to your question about wax wash…

Hmm,,..can either Mr Grandi or Jagman explain ''wax wash'?
Whatprecisely is it,  how is it used, and what precautions,
limitations are important to observe in it's use?  Thanks in
advance!  Frif... 

A wax wash is a solution that you would dip your treed waxes into …
the purpose is two fold… The first is to literaly wash the wax of
any accumulated dirt,dust, and small flecks of wax that can be
touching your wax. By dipping into a wax wash, this will help to clean
the surface .

The other properties of a good wax wash is that it is a surfactant or
better said, reduces the possibility of air bubbles sticking to your
wax in the investment process.

There are a number of different wax washes… one type is called Vacuu
film… other names are also used by various distributors. The best
type is a quick drying version that has a high concentration of
alcohol with a soap( surfactant ) mixed in. When you dip your trees
into this , it cleans the surface of your wax, coats the surface of
your wax with a slippery type soap that helps to inhibit bubbles
forming on your castings and due to having a high concentration of
alcohol, ( you get drunk… Just kidding) the solution dries within

There are also non- alcohol based wax washes and I do not recommend
these in general as the water based liquids take a very long time to
dry. If this liquid is not completely dry in hidden recesses,Holes
going through your waxes (to pass wires through)or in fine detail, It
is a very good possibility that you will see defects such as
scaling,weakend investment that may break off, Holes that are filled
with broken off plaster where there should have been a clean hole.
These defects happen because there can be an excess of water that is
not visible to the naked eye on the wax patterns and when this excess
water mixes with the investment as it is poured, the investment in
those areas become somewhat weaker and breakdown. This is why I
recommend the alcohol based solutions, However, I have also seen
casters that think they can begin investing immediately after dipping
the trees in the alcohol based solutions… I don’t agree with this
practice as you can get deffects from this , but not as easily as
with a waterbased solution… Just let it dry.

Some people do not use any wash at all as some of the investment
manufacturers put a surfactant into the investment already. I would
still use it in any case, as it helps to wash off powder and other
unwanted things that may have attached themselves to your waxes
without your knowledge. Hope this helps.

Daniel Grandi