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Casting update - How to eliminate cracking &striations

 All, My experience with casting problems suggests that nothing is
more important than to allow the invested wax to cure for a
significant amount of time. I formerly would cast after about a half
hour of setting time, post investment. Now I ALWAYS invest the day
prior to burnout , cover the flask with an inverted plastic , and
allow the investment to cure overnight. I never have spalling or
cracking. SORRY...the old war horses of delicatlely balancing the
ratio of of water to investment don't fly with me 

Hi Ron, Somepeople such as you , and myself and a few others certainly
can do things “by the seat of our pants”…it’s experience. But I would
never suggest that a person who is new to casting and having problems
to do it this way… also, When we do 40 to 60 flasks that are 4x7
inches in size, we don’t have the luxury of making a mistake in the
investing process so we have to do things accurately. Most suggestions
that I make to those on orchid Is based on my abilities teach
longdistance… and this is not easy if the student and the teacher
are not using the same equipment , so I feel that formula’s and
accuracy are a very real part of learning/ training. best wishes to
all, Daniel Grandi

Dear Daniel, I appreciate your comments about my casting by the seat
of my pants…after you have done it a few thousand times it does
become routine, Nonetheless, it seems to me that you have glossed
over the point I was trying to make…that proper setting up of
the investment is essential. How long do you cure your flasks ?
Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.