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Casting training - Los Angles

Hi, I am just very new in jewelry manufaturing bussiness. Now I want
to buy casting machine but I myself have no experience in Casting. I
am going to be visiting Los Angles area and if some is can show me
the process of casting or some 2-3 day of training on that. PLease let
me know mike

Mike The Kraftwerks symposium being held in Ontario, CA (just east of
L.A.) on August 17 & 18 might be of interest to you. In addition to
nine or so “masters” presenting on different areas of jewelry craft,
Memco will be on hand doing casting demonstrations. The symposium is
held in a precious metal refinery, giving them ample space for live
casting. (The building is much larger than the refinery space
needed, so they allot the extra for this symposium every year.) The
presenters for this year include Dr. Chris Corti from World Gold
Council, Barbara Berk (presenting on Textures in Gold) Jurgen Maerz
from Platinum Guild International, Tony Lent (presenting on platinum
fabrication) Blaine Lewis (stone setting), Gregg Todd (introduction
to inlay) Dr. Voljislave Katanovic (robotics), Douglas Allen
(CAD/CAM) and Tyler Teague (on problem solving). For more info, their
website is

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (928) 563-8255

Dear Mike, We are a manufacturer of spincasting equipment in the Los
Angeles area. We mfr. all of the equipment (spincasting machine,
vulcanizer and furnace) along with all of the supplies such as
silicone and rubber molds, blades, mold settings and alloys that
range from zinc-aluminum, pewter, lead-free pewter and lead. We offer
3 days of free training with the purchase of a complete system. We do
offer training on a daily basis that cost $300.00 per day. For more
please contact me.

George Gray

(562) 906-1111 Ext. 231
(562) 906-1183 Fax