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Casting stainless

Hey all, Is anyone out there casting stainless steel rings
successfully? I manufacture corporate award rings and would like to
expand into this. I have been making low end rings out of silver
but the problem is it is too soft. I need to cast another cheap
metal that does not tarnish and is durable. The big class ring
companies do it and call it “saladium” and other pretty names. I
need to know how to do it successfully. Please respond if you REALLY
know how to do this. Thanks, Mark P.S.G. Inc

The dental industry has been casting nickel/cobalt and or
chrome/cobalt aloys for years. the alloy had cost (10-12 years ago)
about $9-15 per 16oz pound. Find a framework lab and you could
probably get the “once cast” mistakes for the taking or a very low
price. mix this metal with “virgin” metal to insure proper trace
metal content. These alloys can be torch cast or induction cast.
check with the lab tech as to technique for the alloys you get.
Talladium, Ticonium, Vitalium and a host of lesser names are
available. Hope this helps Mike & Dale,