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Casting small plastic objects in silver

I’m trying to cast small plastic objects in silver. Each object is
only a few cm in size and has a reasonable amount of detail. What is
the best way to do this on a limited budget?

I would recommend either making an RTV mold or have one made for
you, I cast a line of collegiate logo charms and sorority charms for
a client that are quite small, and have a lot of detail.

I have had great luck using RTV Silicone rubber from Zero-D, I used
to be hesitant about RTV liquids but several of these molds have had
many hundreds of pieces injected in to them and the wax patterns are
still crisp and well detailed.

You will need access to a vacuum pump though as the molds need to be
de-aired (to get all the nasty little bubbles out), Usual
disclaimer, no connection to Zero-D other than a satisfied customer

Kenneth Ferrell
Wishing I were in a warm sunny place (like Tucson)

You can always simply sprue up the plastic and burn them out/caste
them … I’ve seen a successful run of RailRoad Miniature People
done this way …

David Woolley
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Delft sand cast? Like this doll’s arm I did:


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