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Casting silver removable caps

I’ve got a few questions that I have yet to find a solution to. The first question is casting thin metal designs. I know for designs with lots of details that I am supposed to cast at higher temps of 900-1100 degrees fahrenheit. I assume the same would be for thin metals. The first picture was my original mold with a thin layer of wax around it. I destroyed the wax trying to get it off the mold.

Then I went back, and made a thicker wax covering, then researched how to remove the wax. The problem is when I casted at 950 degrees, I still had holes show up in the caps even though the wax was really thick. Then just to check to see if what I had would fit, I noticed the metal shrank, and wouldn’t fit my mold after doing some light polishing. This thing is also extremely heavy for caps. It weighs almost 20g. Normally 6 caps weigh between 1-2 grams. What am I doing wrong other than needing to improve my wax skills?


I’m using srs investment casting powder, perfect cast for the mold, and some random Chinese sheet wax to cover the teeth. Any help or insight would be much appreciated.