Casting sheet ingots

Perhaps I wasn’t very clear about the size of wax wires and sheet I
cast for stock milling projects. The wire rod can be very thick sprue
wax (upwards of 10mm if you like) or various gauges like 6, 8, 10,
etc. Since you would want to compress the rods in a rolling mill
before drawing them, you’d be better off casting rods several gauges
larger than what you want to end up with. I like to cast 6, 10, 14
gauge rods. I mill or draw them to whatever I want. Once in a while
when I want a thick slug of metal for smithing, I’ll cast wax “tree

I use carving wax slices that have been filed smooth for my sheet
ingots. The assorted Matt slices (the thinner ones, maybe up to
4mm)work for me. I don’t cast an entire slice, though I could.
Generally, if I need large expanses of sheet, I’ll buy it and factor
in the cost. I use those flask bases that have the flat well that you
fill with wax and sprue directly to.

Hope this clears up any questions.