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Casting setup

I’m almost ready to invest in a casting setup. I’ve used both vacuum and centrifugal methods, with mixed results on both. Could experienced casters share their pros and cons of their preferred method? Centrifugal does take up a little more space, but that’s not an issue for me either way. Any input is appreciated before I drop a few thousand on equipment :grimacing:!

If you will search here under “vacuum vs centrifugal” and siilar, you will find that this has already been discussed on numeous past occasions in great detail.

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Hello. I recently set up a casting set up in my garage. Since I knew that my scale would be small , and also because I was familiar with it, I used centrifugal. Also the electric plugs in my studio couldn’t support the larger load for a melting furnace

Hello, I always read all of the discussions on this site and I find it quite interesting. When I see an article regarding something that I am familiar with, I try to jump in with my own thoughts. I am familiar with centrifugal casting because my company manufactures a line of Spring Driven Centrifugal Casting Machines. We are a Family Owned Company since 1930. All of our products can be seen on our website or just contact us by phone 1-(800)-332-5573 Thank you, Regards, Richard Lucas

Hello, I seem to have left out our website info. its and our email address: Regards, Richard Lucas