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Casting resin

What is the appropriate ratio of water to investment for pouring resin? What is the right time to work? I pour 21 karat gold

That has been tested extensively by the producer of the investment.
Talk to the producer or their representative.
We are not in a position to override the investment producer.

And why did you make a new thread, with this?
When you spread information around the forum like this, we who try to help you, lose context and the forum get cluttered.

Quote from PM:
“My friend told me the reason for the collapse of gypsum is too much water, and I should reduce it to 32%, which is 6% less than the recommended percentages. Do you agree with this opinion? This is only in case you pour resin”

You have two options here, trust the fiend who told you this, and take your chances or talk to the investment producer.

Another thing, are you sure the investment collapses? Or are there resin residues after burnout. Or the sprueing is not optimal.
This is an awful fine pattern.
Without beeing certain of what the root problem is, any remedies are just guess work.
What did the print house say about the resin?
Are the model sprued by you or do the print house do that?
Way to much unclear or lacking information yet.


For context, this is from the one of original threads.

One can hope AurumArcanum or one of the other print experts may chime in.

My dear friend, the models are made and designed by the Turkey company, but I asked them about the subject and they did not send me an answer. What should I do in this situation?

You could start with replying to the questions asked?
To solve problems one needs information.
You have given us just a little bit now and then, and spread around in different threads around the forum, that makes it hard to get.
I guess you could follow AurumArcanums advice and add more sprues and angle them to help the removal of the ashes.