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Casting references


Now that I am hearing so much about casting, I wonder if anyone
could recommend a reliable company that does casting. I would
really appreciate if there would be an indication if this
person/company is reasonable or pricey (?). We cut a great
number of our stones and construct all our pieces. We have
finally realized that we could improve the natutural struggle of
the first few years (we hope) if we use some piecs that are
casted rather than try to invent the Jones wheel. With added
family responsibilities, we have less and less time. Thanks a lot!

From the best allergy city in the USA


Hello Elizabeth, I own a casting company that does casting in
small and med quantities for the trade.I saw your post on orchid
and decided to let you know of the services we provide.Our
company casts in 14k & 18k yellow and white gold as well as in
sterling and bronze.We do custom made original models from
customer supplied drawings as well as mold making for our casting
process.Our pricing structure is on a par with most quality
casting houses… but if a customer wishes to save money in
medium size runs (or they continuously send small quantities to
cast)… we allow them to supply the gold which we keep in stock
for them.Our turn around time is usually 2 to 3 days maximum for
raw clean castings and 5 days for polished , highly finished
pieces.I personaly would not list references as this would let
other casters know whom i am doing business with and the field
is fairly competitive.I will mention that i have cast a famous
Derby trophy horse and trophy handles for the past 15 years for
a company that does the final finished product.Here is my
address and phone number if you would like to contact us for

Sincerely, Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co. PO Box 10327 , Cranston RI 02910 tel/fax


I have just sent some items to a new RI casting company. If
they turn out to be as good as I think they will be, I will let
you know their Joy


Elisabeth, I have had excellent results on complex pieces from
Sierra Pacific Castin, P.O. Box 410956, San Francisco, CA 94141
(415) 285 8118 J. in Kodiak


I highly recommend Billanti Casting Co in New Hyde Park, New
York. They are exceptionally good casters, offer very reasonable
prices and deal with a lot of craftspeople and larger
manufacturers. If you want a specific address and phone number
email me off list.


I’m going to recommend Billanti casting for general gold and
silver and reasonable price with fast turnaround, J.A. Henkel Co.
for more sophisticated mold work and more sensitivity to
individual needs albeit at a higher price , and AU Enterprises
for platinum. Alas all these phone numbers and addresses are in
my other trousers. But in a matter of days many better prepared
will answer your post with these and other names and their
addresses. J


Hi Elizabeth, OK…I’ll bite, where is the best allergy city? My
name is John. I run a company called the J.A. Henkel Co., Inc. We
do moldmaking, casting and finishing. We have been serving
designers of small and medium prodution lines. We cast in all
karats and colors of gold, sterling, fine silver and silcon
bronze. You can e-mail me off-line or call me at 207.729.3599.
Also, check the orchid archives on “casting” you’ll see some
stuff I wrote on the subject. J.A.