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Casting prices

This question is a litle off the casting thread but someone in
one of my classes wants me to do a casting for them. I do
castings at home with very good success, but have never done for
someone and do not know what to charge. Some one in my class
said I should charge $7.50. This seems low to me. What do other
casters who are not professionals charge? Thanks in advance for
any advice, Ginger

GINGER: around here I was quoted $15.00 plus the metal…Dave

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Ginger, For casting with customers material, and handing them
back the casting, button and all (no labor for you other than
investing and casting). We charge $15.00 per item for people who
pay when they pick it up, $25.00 for those who pay every 30 days.
If they sent it to say Quality Casting in New York it would be
about $7.50 but they would have shipping cost etc… If they say
that to me, “I could send to NY for less”, I say “send it”!

Mark P.


We charge by the can. $20.00 per small flask (about 4 jewelry
pieces), $65.00 for our large perferated flask (about 1 quart in
volume///lots of pieces). This is with the customers waxes and
metal and no guarantee. Our metal, our waxes, guaranteed
castings etc. all cost more.


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I use two casters… One charges me just the gold but at $13+
per penny weight. The other charges me a flat $20.00 plus Gold
G. B. A. Ltd. Telephone (518)
P.O. Box 8930 Albany, New York