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Casting palladium white gold

Hello gang!

Tried my first casting of 14kt palladium white gold. Failed

Torch melted 375gms brand new casting grain (H&S)

Flask was 1245 degrees F (12 hour burnout 1,350F max)

Vacuum cast with 4x6 inch perforated flask with rim

Melted metal, got nice and fluid. Shut off torch, took flask out of
oven, set in vacuum tank without vacuum. Lit torch and melted again,
took a few minutes, nice and pooled and liquid and turned on vacuum,
poured as soon as it hit 28. Just seemed to solidify as soon as it
hit the flask. Kept torch on pour and top of flask as button was huge
and I keep the heat on it trying to get it to draw down as I saw it
was not working.

Out of 180-200 small anchor chain links, I got ten complete! Most
just did not fill and the feed sprues were rounded at the end. Also
in cleaning the casting, borax from the cured crucible seems to have
remelted and joined the pour. The crucible had been conditioned but
never used.

Looking for suggestions and feedback. Try again or send it out! And
I was wearing platinum melting safety glasses. I was really surprised
and impressed with how difficult it was to melt.

Thank you

Charlie- Palladium white alloys are really sluggish. You have to
sprue it and treat it almost like platinum. I’d break it down to
smaller flasks with fewer links and not so large a sprue and sprue
button. That said, for that many links I’d farm it out but then I’m
old and lazy. I’m starting to resemble a front porch cat.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer