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Casting Job

Hi Gang,

Came across this post on Compuserve & contacted the author. He
indicated it would be OK to repost it on Orchid. If any of you
are interested please contact him directly for/with details. His
e-mail addresses (2 of them) are in the message. Bill’s located
in NYC.

Good luck,


Here’s the message

I’m looking for someone who can cast a corporate logo in silver.
The item

would be a cube, roughly 2.5" on a side. I would need 50 of them
by the middle of November and another 50 by the middle of
December, and a simila r amount next year.

The logo consists of a square with a stylized ZD in it (the
Ziff-Davis logo). I want it to look like an extrusion, The square
is turned 30 degrees, the walls would be about 1/4" thick, and
the letters would “float” within the frame formed by the walls,
but parts of the Z and the D would connect with the walls. I’m
describing it badly, but I’ve put up a 3-D rendering at:

Please take a look at it. If you can do the job (or know someone
who can) , please contact me via email at,
or this CIS account (72241,15). I realize that the timeframe is
short, and we may have to eliminate the November delivery, but I
would like to discuss what’s possible and what it would cost.

  • Bill