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Am enjoying orchid very much. Thought I’d throw in a
few comments re: casting.

My background is in sculpture casting (gravity casting
with bronze). Have done much experimental casting and
many jewelry pieces (in ss & yg) as well as multiples
castings. In a not-so-scientific medium, I can boast good
surface and casting results in sculpture & jewelry (i.e.,
big or small). The reason for this I feel was due to one
(simple) rule: vent all high spots/feed all low spots
(using reservoirs for thick areas to draw upon if necessary).
I feel it guarantees good results.

Abstract work tends to put a variety of things together not
necessarily conducive to the casting process (i.e.,thick and
thin shapes together, or branching design elements). Venting
is very necessary to allow gases to escape, metals to flow
(evenly, predictably, help in controlling turbulence).

There is a difference in spruing too, if anyone is interested.
Didn’t want this to be too long though. One other thing,
perhaps elementary, but gravity casting uses gravity for impetus
behind the metal instead of centrifical force. Also, as a bit
of intro while I’m here, (how I learned) owned and operated
#10 crucible foundry since 1977 (casting my own and other
artists works). Sold the foundry in 1990 to go back to school
to learn drafting technology and computer graphics (thought it
would make sculpting faster, ha ha…well maybe later anyway).
Plan to draft designs for others to make (if I’m not dead by the
time I learn it).This is also part of the reason why I haven’t
participated much…don’t feel that confident re: web, its use,
or language yet. Anyway, that’s how I got here (to orchid).

But I do have a question to throw into the arena…has anyone
done any overseas jewelry manufacturing, e.g., to solder or
fabricate earrings using ss calibrated bezel cups?

Susan Card