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Casting in Mexico

I was interested in the info. on casting. A few good men responded
with suggestions of a couple casting co.s with good reputations. One
big question I have is has anyone had any luck casting in Mexico, and
if so willing to divuldge such info.? Also, I would like some more
names of casting co.s, yes good, but also very reasonable. The list
goes on… How about any co.s that make jewelry for designers. I
realize thats a broad question, so I will narrow it a little. I am
looking to have my jewelry manufactured. I have thought Native
Americans, Mexico, over seas, now am leaning towards keeping it,
first, in the U.S. and possibly looking to have Vietnamese make it?
After spending time in S.E. Asia, I realized how meticulous and hard
working the people were. So, I am looking for not only casting, but to
have my jewelry made. My jewelry ranges from very basic, casual bead
stinging to bezel setting precious stones. Any info., suggestions,
warnings, anything, would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You, Kent
Canada P.S. While I’m at it, I may as well ask more questions, god
knows I have enough!!! Who makes David Yurman’s jewelry? Who makes
Tiffany’s jewelry? I know a lot of large co.s have their jewelry made
in Switzerland, but what if your not to that point- but hope to be,
where do you start with some quality manufacturing, when price is
certainly a major “make you or brake you” ? I’ll stop there. thanks

Many Designers use different Companies to produce different
Items.Companies that do finished castings including stone setting…
some who just cast… some who do stampings and some who do bead
work. These large companies do not like it mentioned who and where
their products are manufactured and most have signed confidentiality
agreements …so that is one reason why we cannot mention which
designers and companies we do and have done work for. Please give us a
call @ 401-461-7803, We do casting and
finishing for designers ,stores and for people in the trade. Sincerely
, Daniel Grandi