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Casting in aluminum or bronze


I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith from Austin, TX. I have a
designed a custom bicycle badge for a friend of mine who builds
custom bicycles. He is wanting the design cast in either aluminum or
bronze, and the finished design has some color. I already have
someone who is willing to do the CAD and wax for me, so I am
interested if anyone works in either of these metals, knows someone
who does, or would be willing to help me out with this project. Right
now my friend would like one produced so he can see it, but it’s very
likely he’s going to need about 100 or so for an order.

I will send the design and approximate measurements to whomever
responds and is interested in this project.

Just let me know!!! Thank you so much,

Kristina Watkins


I’m also interested in creating a head badge for my bicycles. I am a
racing bike nut, and just finished having my second carbon-frame
racing bike built. I can make the wax model or fabricate the head
badge for the bikes’ head tubes, but need to have it
ultra-lightweight, like in aluminum. Like you, I don’t know who casts
aluminum, but let’s try to help each other out here!

Custom head badges? I’m up for that!
Jay Whaley

Hi Kristina,

Badges! I make them.

For bicycles, cars,buckles, buttons or even caps for that matter,
can be cast, but there generally drop stamped in silver, copper,
brass, even aluminium.

Thats done with a male and female tool steel die from sheet,usually
between 20 to 30 tho in thick.

Then there either vitreous enamelled or today, paint filled. For
your friend who makes custom bikes, (they wont be cheap!!) casting is
a good way to go, but if you count up the cost of the lost wax
process and investment and finishing, the cost may well be more going
the drop stamp route.

Drop stamped or minted gives the finest result.

Look at proof coins. That the standard I work to.

Also look at bicycle badges, take Raleigh, a well know Uk make. that
badge is drop stamped then chrome plated.

If you can use a circle or an oval shaped outline then you dont have
to pay for a seperate blanking tool.

Also, once the design is modelled, dies can be made in any size from
this model.

This lends itself to a lapel button that the proud cyclist can wear
on his suit, or even a belt buckle.

Your friend could give one of these buttons away with every bike
sold. The badge is made flat then bent between rubber tools to the
radius of the bike tube its fitted to.

Google for Ted Frater bronzesmith and minter. There youll find lots
of info on the way Id make this and the work ive done.

Id be interested in quoting for the tooling, which he pays for,and
is his property, and a production cost for 100 off.

If he really wanted the top end product, Id enamel them as well, tho
enamelling in the round is risky. You cannot adjust the radius to
fit the tube as the enamel will crack.

Put it to your bike maker friend. All my contact details are on my