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Casting from Daniel Grandi

Hi All, I have just received my first order from Dan @
RacecarJewelry and I am happy to report how beautiful my castings
are. They are completely finished pieces of jewelry. At my age,it is
getting more difficult for me to bend the heavier gauges of metal
which I love to use. Enter Daniel, who does the most beautiful job
and has the patience and sweetness to answer all my questions and is
free with his knowledge when asked for. Thanks Daniel for making my
life easier, Louise

I couldn’t agree more about the quality of work that Daniel does.�I
keep thinking about last year at this time when I was frantically
removing parting lines and sawing off sprues and I feel very
relieved to be free from that task this year.�Since the spring, when
I first switched to Race Car, I have been able to make pieces that
are much more complex, consisting of many little parts.�No way would
I�be making these pieces�if I had to finish all those parts
myself.�Usual disclaimer, just a satisfied customer.�

Now if I could just get some orders for these new designs, I would
be all set!�Is there anybody else out there who is getting almost
zero orders for the holidays??�I have been doing wholesale for under
a year, so I don’t know what to expect, but even my established
accounts have declined to order right now.�Does everybody suddenly
order in November when they start getting busy and decide that they
need more jewelry?�Thanks in advance for any insight that you might

Natasha Wozniak�