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Casting from Bone

Hi guys!

I found a perfect bird skull and skeleton and i was looking to make a casting from it. Does anyone have experience casting from bone? Will it burn out properly? Is it even possible?

Any help I can get is amazing.


Sorry, bone won’t burn out cleanly. If you want to make a casting from it, make a mold from RTV rubber, cast wax into the mold, and burn out the wax.

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I’m not so sure about the inability to do the bone. Having done a lot of organic casting my GUESS is that the height temp required will cause investment issues. A quick examination of the temp required puts it above most of the oven capabilities in jewelry construction.

I agree with the RTV approach but doing it in segments might be an engineering challenge. However even this might pale in comparison to the spruing. Sounds like a fun challenge but a high ROI is doubtful.
Regards RLW

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If you try to directly cast bone you will get ash porosity. Best to seal openings with clay or wax the use RTV molding compound to create wax injection mold. Done this many times for bird skulls etc.

Thanks guys I’ll try making a RTV mold first!

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Have the skeleton 3D scanned and then send the scan for a printed pattern. Will cost you but not destroy the skeleton or skull. Might be able to get a dentist or oral surgeon to scan it?