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Casting contacts

Hey - I am a new user to the Ganoksin forum and I am curious about
developing my casting contacts. Currently I am working with a
casting company in NYC whom I enjoy working with but am looking for
more competitive labor/finishing fees. Does anybody have
recommendations domestic and internationally?

Thank you!

Hi Elizabeth.

Myself, I do my own finishing, but my friend, Laura Lobdell, may be
able to advise you. She has a small retail shop in the West Village
and I’m fairly certain she doesn’t do her own finishing.

Also, I’d be interested in talking with you about your experience
with the reception of your horsehair line, as I’m looking at doing a
fiber series.

I’ll send you a LinkedIn contact invitation.


BTW, did you take any classes with my friend Karl Shuler at SCAD? We
were in grad school together at the IFA.

Dear Elizabeth,

Try Dan Grandi at

Michael Knight