Casting companies-West coast?


I need a recommendation for a good casting company located near the
west coast (California/New Mexico/Arizona area) (for shipping

I work mostly in silver and would like an oxidized, tumble finish and
someone that can handle volume. I do not really need hand polishing.

I am looking for someone who is reliable, decent quality and has good
pricing. I prefer to pay in the range of $.55-70 gram finished. If
anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it! As we all
know trying new casters is usually a lot like playing russian
roulette and a good recommendation would help a lot.



Quackenbush’s Production Goldsmiths in CA are realy doing some fine
work for me. They are in Grass Valley Ca, give them a try.


I’ve used Sierra Pacific Casting (outside of San Fran) several times
and they do a great tumble polish. They charge about .60 a gram and
then there’s a per piece casting fee, from .90 and up. They might me
a little more that what you want to pay, but give them a try.


I also agree with the idea of using Sierra Casting…They have been
in business for many years, their quality of work is top-knotch and
the owner, Gabe Sider, takes pride in his product. This source is
worth checking out…Sincerely, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan

Thank you, Jo-Ann, for the recommendation of Sierra casting. I am
moving from NYC to Montana soon and I was planning using the same
casters I’ve been using here in New York. According to Sierra’s
pricing calculator on their website, their prices are
competitive with the companies I am familiar with. But I kind of
like trying out a West Coast company.

Jessica Scofield

I use a casting company in Seattle called Outcast & Co., 1424 4 th
Ave. Suite 630, Seattle, WA 98101. Their phone # is 206-382-0766.

Vince LaRochelle. Oakridge, OR.