Casting//building a safety trap

Hi Kieran, You might want to recommend this to your Casting
professor. You can solve your problem on the vac caster by
building a metal trap out of some inexpensive plumbing supplies
In this manner, the plastic lines won’t melt and all you have to
do is unscrew the bottom tube and heat or press out the metal.

  1. buy a “T” fitting 1" back pipe threaded on all 3 ends , 1
    close nipple and reducer that will attach the “T” to the casting

2)at the bottom side of the “T” attach a 2" or 3" long piece of
1 " threaded pipe and put a 1" pipe cap on the bottom.

  1. on the horizontal hole attach a reducer that reduces to the
    present plastic line size you use.

  2. use Pipe tape on all joints and make sure everything is

  3. make sure that the threads that go into the aluminium casting
    plate do not stick up above the platform. file or saw them down
    if necc.

Now, if you have a blowout in the plaster, unscrew the 2" pipe
and cap… and put another one on to continue casting.The one you
removed can be cleaned out and reused next time an accident
occurs Total cost for all the pipe and materials should not
exceed $ 5.00 at your local plumbing store. Daniel Grandi