Casting bell jar cures wet cell phone

Hi everyone,

I am a novice but always enjoy following all the info. and using it
in my hobby. I recently had a brainstorm that I am so proud of that
I had to share it!

My son dropped his binoculars into the lake and they were ruined as
even a small amount of water causes fog on lenses. Suddenly, it
occurred to me to use the casting bell jar to boil off the water and
pump it out! Worked perfectly!!! The next day my phone got soaked so
I rushed home with a dark screen and it making funny noises and it
worked perfectly after several minutes in a deep vacuum. We use this
same technique to evacuate water from refrigeration systems. I don’t
know if you can make any money but it saved me $250!!!

Ken Thomas


For those of us who do not have the casting bell jar, a much
simpler, and very handy item is about a pound of uncooked white rice.
You also need a small plastic container such as Tupperware that will
allow your phone to lay flat.

Take the battery out of the cell phone and dry with a towel, lay
aside. Take the cell phone, minus the battery, shake vigorously and
get out any water that can be dislodged.

Put a layer of white rice into the plastic container and now lay
your cell phone opening up, with cover off and open battery
compartment up. Now cover with about 1/2 inch of the uncooked white
rice to fully enclose the entire cell phone. Set aside for at least
48 hours. This should be enough to dry out your phone and enable it
to work again.

Even if it does not work, not much of a monetary investment to try to
save your phone. This method was able to save my husband’s
Blackberry. Still works months later. A new SIM card was needed, a
small price to pay for saving the phone.

Beth Katz