Casting again

Hello again, and many thanks to those who responded to my first (my
first ever) post. I have still not identified my mysterious copper
items (pea-sized copper spheres with a regular but lumpy surface–
like teeny round copper geodes). They’re definately not any sort of
shot, as was suggested – the surface is all wrong. In any case, I
am now convinced that I will never find these little fellows in the
wild again and am resigned to trying to replicate them. Several
Orchidians informed me that copper can indeed be cast, though an
ancient bronze alloy of 15 % tin would probably be a better bet. OK.
I’m ready. My problem is that I’m 100% a fabricator – never cast
anything in my life, don’t have the tools or the know=how, or, alas,
the time to start from scratch. So is there anybody out there who
would like to work with me on this (or who can suggest someone)? I
think its a pretty simple task for someone who knows casting. But
sadly, that would not be me. I’m hoping that I can get a mold made
and maybe 50 of the little items to start. In hopeful anticipation,
Carla Reiter And perpetual thanks to those who created an maintain
this amazing resource!