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Casting 3-D designs in clear resin

Greetings Everyone:

I want to cast rings and pendants of clear resin with delicate
objects suspended in the resin. I am also on a tight budget and not
too picky about results (i.e. don’t mind bubbles or long curing
times), as long as I can acheive a durable resin that conforms to
the mold shape and is as close to crystal clear as possible without
destroying fragile objects from shells to scraps of paper- is this
possible? I am most in need of advice or a good clear description of
how to use mold materials and what processes are involved. Are there
any metals that do not work well with resin? I was hoping to make
molds for pewter frames for the resin. Any info would be most
helpfull in bringing my idea to life. Thanks!!

RAYLEE, ExTerra Jewelry Labs

This is my first posting, and I do realize a bit has been said
already on the subject of resin here, but instead of sifting through
so many records I decided to try asking about what I"m interested in
specifically. If you know of a previous discussion that deals with
this- do please point me in that direction.