Casters of acrylic or resin


Our jewelry manufacturing company is looking for someone in the U. S.
who’d like to do some limited production of transparent
acrylic/resin/lucite components. I may not have the exact terminology
so please forgive me. Whoever took this on would make the molds (3 or
4) from our prototypes, cast them in a couple colors per shape, and
satin finish them. I’m not sure of the volume, since it would be a
new item introduced to our market later this summer, but to start it
would be 30 +/- units per size. The last time I asked this group
about a possible subcontractor for another process, it did end up
being a rather large volume on-going contract, but who knows: could
be an order for 30/per color and not go anywhere.

Please “contact sender” if you have questions or interest.

Many thanks