Casters in mexico

I’m a jeweler in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I have been hand
fabricating all my pieces but am now looking to increase production
by casting some components. I have read several recommendations on
Orchid for Racecar jewelry but I would prefer to stay within the
country. Does anyone know of a good caster in Mexico? Thanks a lot.

Joanna Francis

I made contact with a company in Taxco but never used their
services, so I cannot vouch for the service or the quality of their
work. Here is there E-mail address; I hope they
are what you are looking for. Michael

Dear Joanna, I have been working with a company who has their
factory right on the US/Mexico line in Nogales, Sonora. I have been
having production fabrication done there but they also cast. Since I
have a fantastic relationship with Racecar, I wouldn’t switch but
these guys are good and have Cad/Cam capability. Try and see if they can help you. Sam Patania, Tucson