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Castaldo VLT blue silicone life expectancy

Most low temp and RTV molds deteriorate fairly quickly almost
unethically if you know what I mean and I'm sure you do!

Ken, That is an unfair and knowledge challenged comment you made.
The fact is that silicones do not have the tear strength of natural
rubber. It is just chemistry, not an attempt by the manufacturer to
cheat his customers.


Bill Mull
Zero-D Products, Inc.

Bill the words in this post were not directed at Yours nor Castaldos
fine products, I used both for some years and have had no complaints
about either, my comments were more directed to the thread
originator, Believe me the comments based on that, were more than
knowledge based… Both RTV and Low Temp are great, I used them quite
often to make master molds for customers carved wax patterns, also
for waxes that were previously injected from someone else’s molds, so
I could reproduce them with out much loss to shrinkage or if they no
longer had a master just a wax pattern or two laying about, and I’m
sure that’s why Chas was inquiring About the durability, he probably
has a few waxes he wants to copy in a hurry! Right Chas?

Kenneth Ferrell