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Cast triangular settings from Hoover and Strong

Could someone tell me how the CAT31 cast triangular settings from
Hoover and Strong are to be used? Are they suitable for trillions?
Does a seat need to be cut? Do I need to cut a line at the corners
to facilitate pushing the corners down? Do you burnish the corners
over? What if the stone doesn’t have room to drop all the way into
the setting–cut away part of the inside edge of the corner?

J. S. Ellington
3809 Gulf Ave
Midland, TX 79707

Hi, J.S.,

This isn’t what you asked, but I want to tell you, I took a stone
setting class at New Approach School in VA, and I now feel as
though I should be able to set almost anything. Blain Lewis is
terrific. If you can manage the class, you will feel very empowered
by it.

It did one other thing for me too-- it brought my consciousness down
to a whole new level of magnification. It never had occurred to me
how much detail-work can go into a teensy-tiny spot, to make the
corner of a stone comfortable, for example.

Oh yes! And one other thing of immense value-- it de-mystified
gravers. I now use them for all kinds of things. That alone was
worth the price.

Good luck!