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Cast T centrifical casting machine


I am seeking assistance with my Cast T centrifical casting machine. I
am embarrassed to say I bought this machine some time ago and have
been involved in so many other things I have not used it. Now couple
years later, I am wanting to get back into casting. I need help. Is
there anyone in Illinois that has knowledge of this casting system?
I realize there is a DVD out there, I’ve seen it, but it would really
be helpful to talk to someone personally who uses one. Perhaps even
get with you as you operate yours or mine. Much

Hi Ginette,

We have about three of them. We use them on occasion in the shop.

I just finished a project casting several trees in Continuum

If you want to talk please call Stuller, Inc. 337-262-7700 Ext. 471
and I’ll try to help you get started. It’s fun and great for the
small Jewelry shop.

John Butler


this is Sandor of Ti-Research, the makers of your Cast/T. I’m sorry
to hear that this tool couldn’t contribute to your productivity yet.
I’m sure there will be a number of responses from successful users to
your post. Although it’s not in my reach to provide hands on training
in the U. S. I will offer firsthand and technical advice
to you and all other orchidians at the upcoming MJSA EXPO in New York
where I will represent Ti-Research and its products. There are
workshops in the U. S. throughout the year - let’s find the one that
fits your needs. Please contact me offline if you can’t make it to
the MJSA EXPO to get you up and running.

Sandor Cser