Cases for sale

Hello Orchidland,

Perhaps some of you have been wondering about my lack of presence on
the site lately (then again that may be my own big ego thinking
that), but I can explain a little of it now. My partner and I have
agreed to go our separate ways in business and I am opening a new
store (actually in the same building I was located in previously).
It was not a happy breakup but the future is looking better already.
As soon as the new store is finished I’ll try to post some pictures
of it on Orchid somewhere. We are having some beautiful custom
designed cases built for us that I think are going to be
magnificent. Which brings me to the primary reason for this email.
We have five display cases in the old store that are going to be for
sale. Two of them are old glass and wood cases (top and three sides
of glass, back and base of wood), one case that we had built to
match them that has wood all around so that there is storage area
behind it, one wall case that we had built to match the others,
that has a small horizontal display area and a larger wall type
display area, with a built in bookcase on the bottom, and one window
display case that probably no one can use since it is angled
specifically to fit in our window area (but who knows, maybe someone
could be creative with it). While I might be able to take pictures
of them for interested people, I think really they need to go to
someone somewhat local as moving them will not be inexpensive if we
are trying to ship them somewhere, so anyone who wants to see them
should contact me and we’ll set something up. They will not be
available until December 18 of this year and they need to be gone by
December 31. They have been extremely functional cases for us over
the years and we have sold, quite literally, millions of dollars
worth of jewelry from them, so perhaps someone would like to take
that good karma onto themselves. Please contact me off list.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC
1780 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02140

Good luck in your new business Daniel. Would love to see photos of
your new space and new cases.

Sheridan Reed