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Cases and photographing jewelry/ Rosen ACC

Hi Noel,

Sorry I missed this earlier. The photos on my site that are flat
black were taken by a different photographer. I prefer the gradation
of the new ones. 99% of those in the Riverstone Series are the new

I have never had anything taken at a show - hope never to “go there”.
I do however take my jewelry with me at night - even at indoor shows
with security.

Thanks to ALL of you for your ideas! I’ll keep you posted. I
ordered the putty and it should arrive at the photographers on
Thursday in time for my shoot. After that I’ll start playing… The
glass company did call today and said that it didn’t work. They tried
it and got the first hole done and while they were doing the next one
that one spilt. :frowning: Perhaps they were trying to go to fast, bit
wasn’t new - who knows. But for now - I’ll cross my fingers on the
putty, and have the sand there for back up! :slight_smile:

Don’t know who it was that said a gathering in Baltimore would be
fun - but I’m all for it! Anybody else?