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Carving chalcedony


Hi All-

I have been accumulating carvings for a few months now. Looking at
the marked stones on my bench for a year & having no clue how to get
them into intricate 3D shape Bit the bullet- & Taught myself
how to carve Chalcedony after building a homemade coolant system &
slowly producing home built wood points to take the tool marks off.
Everything but the diamond & flex shaft comes from the hardware
store. You will have to walk the desert— for your own rough.

It is an on going education, to say the least! I get a huge kick out
of making an art object- better than anyone.

If any of you have questions on this particular subject? Or Produce
art jewelery?

Feel free to drop me a note- I will field questions for a week or

Brontotheroocity Stone Cutting